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Covenant Righteousness

August 16th, 2009 · No Comments

Romans 1:18-25 serves as the foundational passage of this teaching that explores the Biblical concept of righteousness and its relationship to faith,

Paul’s larger objective is to present the all nations to God as an acceptable sacrifice. Dr. Hartmann then goes on to elaborate on the fact that saving faith is always rooted in repentance. He goes on to explain that by means of the Gospel that Paul preaches righteousness is continually being revealed and that proceeds from faith to faith.

Righteousness is essentially a relational concept, so that one does righteousness, so one is righteous and fulfills the obligations on one who is in relationship to another. Simply put, one is righteous by doing the right thing. God’s Law determines the right thing.

Righteousness is status too and has to do with justice. Are cited from the Old Testament Genesis 38, in the account of Tamar & Judah, 1 Samuel 24 in the account of David and Saul.

What constitutes righteousness? God is righteous, in the covenant He makes with his people, and when He, within the context of that covenant, does what He has promised. God does not just have a righteous nature – He does what is righteous.

Dr. Hartmann closes by citing elements of righteousness that are exemplified in the following passages: Nehemiah 9:6-9, 1 Kings 8:23-24, Deuteronomy 6:24, Ezekiel 18

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