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A Davidic People and Leadership

October 18th, 2009 · No Comments

In this message Dr. Hartmann highlights aspects of the story of David as it relates to the larger Biblical story that runs from Genesis to Revelation, which has as its goal the redemption, calling out and preparation of a Davidic-like people who will one day be glorified as sons of God and reign as a kingdom of priests together with Jesus the Messiah, Who Himself descends from the house of David and inherits in His kingdom the throne of His father David. Whoever inherits David’s throne will one day rule the world, and this can be none other than Jesus the Messiah and the people He redeems as the first-born of many brothers. Paul prays that we as the church would receive a spirit of wisdom and revelation so that we might know the hope of this calling (Eph 1:17-18; Col 1:27).

The Lord placed upon David an anointing for kingship, which included an anointing for warfare, for priestly worship, and for godly government and judgment aligned with God’s ways. God found in David a man after His own heart (Acts 13:22) and made him the shepherd-king over His inheritance, which he shepherded with integrity of heart and guided with skilful hands (Ps 78:70-72). Dr. Hartmann proposes that God is preparing a Davidic-type leadership in this day that will replace the house of Saul, which He has rejected from kingship because it is self-serving, selfishly ambitious, full of vainglory, more concerned with sacrifice than obedience, and that glories in appearance rather than heart, lacking the integrity and wisdom that flows form the fear of God, which are the foundation stones of godly government that seeks the glory of God and the welfare of His people.

An overview of the story of David focuses on the period of preparation in 1 Samuel 16-31. David is foreordained to kingship and anointed mightily with the Spirit of the Lord, after which he begins to do mighty deeds of warfare. Saul soon becomes jealous and begins to persecute David, which becomes a part of his preparation and training as he learns faith and perseverance in the wilderness. He twice refuses to take matters into his own hands when given opportunity to kill Saul, choosing to let God remove him in His time. David faces tremendous discouragement but learns to encourage himself in the Lord. He keeps his heart in the right place and God removes Saul from being king, after which David displays his concern for the honor of God in the Song of the Bow.

This message moves “outside the box” in challenging the remnant of God’s people to understand what God is doing to prepare a people for the harvest and the restoration of His house in this time. If you have been experiencing the discipline of the Lord in this way this message may provide encouragement, perspective and strengthening unto endurance.

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