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The Kingdom of the Lord’s Anointed

April 24th, 2011 · No Comments

Psalm 1 and 2 provide an introduction to the whole Psalter.

Psalm 1 focuses on the individual who walks in God’s ways and is thus blessed of God, Psalm 2 on God’s relationship with the nations and His purposes to give those nations as an inheritance to His Son, the One He has anointed to be the king of the whole earth.

The righteous who are blessed of God are characterized by the following things:

1) they reject the way of the world (1:1)

2) they continually and constantly delight and meditate in the Word of God (1:2)

3) they become fruitful because of the favor of God (1:3)

The wicked by way of contrast:

1) love the world’s counsel, follow the way of sin, and scoff at God’s ways (1:1)

2) are temporal, like chaff which the wind drives away

3) will not stand in the Day of Judgment

4) are excluded from the congregation of the righteous

5) will perish

Psalm 2 pictures the coming kingdom of Messiah. The psalm divides naturally into four parts:

1) the nations in rebellion against God (vv 1-3)

2) the Lord’s response: He laughs and scoffs at them, and announces His determination to install His Anointed King as ruler of the world (vv 4-6)

3) The decree of the Lord: the nations will be given as an inheritance to the Lord’s Anointed King, pictured here as His adopted Son, risen from the dead (vv 7-9; cf. Acts 13:33). This passage envisions the Messiah ruling the nations with a rod of iron (v 9). This is cited throughout the book of Revelation with reference to Jesus (Revelation 19:15) and the overcomers (2:26-28) who will rule with Him in His millennial kingdom (20:4-6)

4) The kings of the earth are given counsel to submit to the Lord’s plan with respect to giving the rule of the earth to His Anointed King (vv 10-12).

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