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Righteousness unto Life

August 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Dr. Hartmann elucidates biblical concepts of righteousness in this profoundly insightful teaching. Drawing on his doctoral dissertation rich layers of wisdom and understanding are broad for word in a most succinct manner in this wonderful teaching.

The biblical concept of righteousness is contextualized within the idea of relationship contained by the boundaries of a covenant.

God has kept his part of the covenant relationship. He has done this through the saving activity in Jesus Christ as promised in the Old Testament Scriptures.

God is revealed in Scripture as a covenant keeping God. He reveals this in His faithfulness to Israel throughout history by many acts of deliverance and assistance, even in executing judgment for violations of the covenant. God protected, delivered, and defended Israel on many occasions in keeping with his part of the covenant. This was epitomized ultimately in the sacrificial deliverance God wrought for humanity in Jesus Christ.

The book of Romans unpacks the concept that righteousness leads to life. Therefore understanding of biblical concept of righteousness is critical. The concept of righteousness is framed within the eschatological understanding judgment day in which all humans will be judged by Jesus Christ. God is the ultimate judge. Only the righteous will be acquitted. According to the Scriptures, cities nations generations and individuals will all be judged. Scripture indicates that the judgment will be based upon the light one has. God will judge according to deeds, his judgment will be impartial.

What will be the basis for being found righteous before God? What is declared righteous before God on the basis of faith apart from the works of the law according to Romans. Dr. Hartmann goes on to explain that the phrase “works of the law” is not to be understood as equating to good works. Quite the contrary, good works are to be enjoined by those who believe.

Dr. Hartmann goes on to succinctly unpack the biblical concepts of works, the works of the law, the historical theological constructs found in the writings of the apostle Paul, the early church, Catholicism, Protestantism, and several theologians.

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